Sports & Charity Examples: Part 2

To encourage more to participate there has been changes to charity law now to make it easier for sports clubs to register as charities and so sports clubs have an option as to which route to pursue. The CASC scheme was introduced to provide a scheme of tax reliefs for sports clubs at a time when it was difficult for sports clubs to register as charities. If a sports club is established to advance amateur sport, then the sale of sporting equipment would directly further that purpose and would constitute primary purpose trading.

An interesting case about charity law, The Charity Commission accepted Hitchin Bridge Club for registration as a charity, being convinced that bridge, and other World Mind Games, promoted health and could therefore be considered a ‘sport’.15 However, Sport England has refused to recognise bridge as a sport on the basis that it does not involve a sufficient degree of physical exertion.16 The English Bridge Union is seeking to judicially review that decision but, until such time as it may be successful, clubs which encourage participation in primarily mental pursuits will likely not be recognised by Sport England and not be able to register as a CASC. As is discussed in the following section, the position under charity law differs and its criteria would allow registration of games that are not considered a physical activity” provided that they promote health. In order to be eligible to register as a CASC, a club must participate in an eligible sport” – meaning a sport recognised by Sport England.13 Sport England’s criteria for determining whether an activity can be classified as a sport is based upon the European Sports Charter 1993 14 and specifically article 2(1)(a) which expressly refers to physical activity”.

The law makes the cash flow more transparent, cases such as funds raised through Play For Purpose must be used for a charitable sporting project. Ready to support your sports clubs cause or charity? Choosing a sports club charity or cause to support.

An interesting charity to join is LimbPower. Anyone can join in, amputees, people with limb difference, family members, friends, carers, healthcare professionals and teachers.Running between 1st March 2019 and 8th June 2019 LimbPower are asking our supporters to raise £100 for the charity by organising a fundraising activity. A range of fun and social, clubs and activities in a supported setting for young people with learning disabilities and special needs. International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports are the founders of the original Paralympic Games and organisers of international sporting events for disabled people.

Another great charity is the Everybody Foundation, a new charity which helps to fund individuals and groups who promote active and healthy lifestyles in Cheshire East. The Everybody Foundation has recently awarded local athletes and organisations with funding grants of up to £500 to help support their efforts in sport and keeping our region active and healthy. The Everybody Foundation is a charity (Registered charity No. 1174873) that raises funds to support individuals and groups to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

Lastly, Access for Athletes provides sports equipment such as hand cycles and mono skis, ensuring physically challenged competitive and recreational athletes aren’t forced to sit out from activity because they cannot afford special equipment.

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