Living with Someone Who Has Tuberculosis Is Not That Hard

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People think that living with someone who has tuberculosis is tough and hard. But that mindset will only burden you and makes the patient uncomfortable. If you keep your mind positive, you could make a supportive atmosphere. The patient could recover, while you could keep being healthy.

Keep Yourself Safe

There are important rules to live with Tuberculosis patients. You have to comply with these rules so that you won’t get tuberculosis. You might intend to save the patients, but if you are not being careful, you could get the disease as well. Always wear masker or respirator that seals your nose and mouth. Don’t kiss the patient. Kissing might transmit as you share air breath with the patients. Hugging should also be avoided. The bacteria might linger on clothes and get inhaled. If you want to make sure of your safety, you could also take a tuberculosis vaccine. When living with someone who has tuberculosis prioritize your health first.

Remind the Drugs Routine

People with tuberculosis could take twenty drugs in just one day. if the medication is not taken, tuberculosis could be resistant. It means, if the patient forgets to take the drug, the disease will be getting worse and harder to cure. So, it’s important to remind about taking the drugs.

Treat the Patient as Human

It’s important to treat people with tuberculosis with love. Some people might give a disgusted glance and afraid to make contact with the patients. But it could generate stress on the patients. It’s better to take care and handle the patients as you do to other humans. If the patients feel sad and anxious about how other people handle him, the immune system could weakened.

As people avoid to visit people with tuberculosis, they might feel lonely. The loneliness might cause another disease like mental illness. So, it’s better to make an interesting conversation to keep away from loneliness. You could also stay connected with chat and video calls. In the end, Living with someone who has tuberculosis could be safe.

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