How Does Tuberculosis Affect a Person’s Daily Life and The People Surrounding?

Understanding how does tuberculosis affect a person’s daily life helps the patient to recover. Tuberculosis infects one-fourth of the global population. It’s been haunting human civilization since ancient times. Luckily, we live in a period where scientists and medical experts had learned much about tuberculosis. Now, tuberculosis does always not mean death sentence. But still, it might affect daily life of the people with tuberculosis and people around the patient.

Signs and Symptoms

When tuberculosis strikes, the patient could get unreasonable fatigue and dizziness. The patient might also periodically cough that it will bother the people around. Other signs and symptoms are fever, chills, night sweats, weight loss, and loss of appetite. Tuberculosis commonly happens in lung. The main signs are the prolonged cough with sputum (green mucus) and blood. In other cases, tuberculosis might infect other organs, like central nervous system, lymphatic system, bones, and joints.

Isolated Life

By knowing how does tuberculosis affect a person’s daily life, people around could provide help and supports. The hospital might recommend detention and isolation of patients with active tuberculosis to prevent the illness. As tuberculosis could be spread through air, patients keep on a room with filtered ventilation. If patient is brought home, the patient must stay in a room. The room must also have good ventilation to let the air infected bacteria out. People around the patients also are also required to constantly wear masker to keep the mycobacterium away.

After two or three weeks, tuberculosis becomes less contagious. But still, every time the patient coughs, sneezes, or laughs, tissue must be applied. Then, the tissue should be dumped in a special facility, or to be burnt to prevent the spreading. A person with tuberculosis should let people know that he or she has tuberculosis. Contact with people has to be limited. An activity like hugging and kissing should be avoided to prevent spreading.

Although, after two or three weeks tuberculosis becomes weaken, the patient should not go to work or school except the doctor allows it. It better to get a rest as the energy is better spend to recover. As the immune system becomes stronger, the chance to defeat tuberculosis becomes greater.

Drugs Side Effects

Tuberculosis consumes large amounts of drugs. It could reach twenty tablets a day. These drugs might cause side effects like headache, diarrhea, gastric problems, kidney dysfunction, and liver dysfunction. The liver could suffer disease if the drugs are not neutralized with healthy lifestyle. So, to compensate the drugs, consume healthy food that helps to detox the liver. Drugs routine plays huge role in how does tuberculosis affect a person’s daily life.

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